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A big thank you to the Austrian Bible Society

The Austrian Bible Society offers Bibles to migrants and asylum seekers in their mother tongue. The protestant church in Leibnitz (Styria, Austria) has received 15 Bibles from the Bible Society and says a big thank you.

[The following article is a short version of the article that could be found in the church newsletter]

Farsi-speaking Asylum seekers who also happen to be Christians have been transferred to our city. They asked us, whether we could give them Bibles in Farsi.

This request is a big honour for us: These humans not only seek support in daily needs, but also view us as their brothers and sisters in Christ, overcoming the borders of language and nationality. It shows us, that we belong to a world-wide Christian community, which is more than just a buzzword.

Thank you so much, Austrian Bible Society! Extremely fast, the Austrian Bible Society has sent us 15 Bibles in Farsi, as well as “On the road” Bible Study Books which are extremely valuable in the refugees’ situation. “

Picture: Marianne Pratl-Zebinger

Bible Lessons in Farsi

Monir and her husband Mehdi, Iranian parents of two children, live in Leibnitz. 18 years ago, they became Christians and attend the protestant church in Leibnitz. Monir says: “Now we want to offer bible lesions in our mother tongue Farsi, to support and encourage refugees from Afghanistan and Iran.” The Bible Lessons will take place in the church house in Leibnitz.

The Austrian Bible Society gives Bibles to refugees, people in detention centres and prisoners in their own language across Austria. In 2015, 1862 Bibles were distributed, not including New Testaments, Bible portions and Bible Study Books.

If you want to donate to our project: Bibles for refugees, you can go here.

Austrian Bible Society

Breite Gasse 4-8/1, 1070 Vienna, Austria,

Phone: 01/ 523 82 40, Fax: dd 20

Bible Centre Opening Hours: Monday-Fiday 9.30am until 4 pm, Thursday until 8 pm,
(Groups can also make an appointment at another time)

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