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Become a Bible Partner!

Inform your Church about the resources and the needs of the Bible Society and let us know how we can support your Church when it comes to the Bible.

For the Bible Society it is important that the voice of the Bible stays alive. This is the reason why there should be a “Bible Partner” in as many Churches as possible who are the contact person when it comes to issues concerning the Bible.

What could be your part in this:

* To inform your Church about the resources and needs of the Bible Society

* To encourage that one of the staff of the Bible Society be invited for a presentation or that one of the exhibitions of the Bible Society be shown in your Church facilities

* To offer/place our magazine “die Bibel aktuell,” Biblereading plan or other material in the Church

* To make known the projects of the Bible a Month Club

* To encourage that a your Church Web Site has a link to the Austrian Bible Society Web Site

* To inform your Church about the Bible Sunday in October and offer material for it.

* To proofread and comment on the articles of the magazine “die Bibel Aktuell” before it is printed

* and much more…

We will inform you about the current projects, resources and will organize meetings in your region where you get to meet with other Bible Partners, do some Networking and meet other Christians to whom the Bible is important.

Please contact me if you are interested: 01/5238240-11 or 0699/18877991; henner@bibelgesellschaft.at.

I look forward to be in contact with you!

With kind regards,


Dr. Jutta Henner

Austrian Bible Society

Breite Gasse 4-8/1, 1070 Vienna, Austria,

Phone: 01/ 523 82 40, Fax: dd 20

Bible Centre Opening Hours: Monday-Fiday 9.30 am until 4 pm
(Groups can also make an appointment at another time)

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