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Bibles in Prison

Some personal thoughts from two Prison Chaplains about the meaning of the Bible for prisoners!

Bibles in their own language

As the prison chaplain in the prison Suben, I am often asked by prisoners if I have got a Bible for them. Here one realizes how in these situations of life the Bible can give support, faith becomes more important and maybe also a reminder of one’s own humanity.

That is why it is such a great support to my work to have the possibility to offer Bibles, in the different languages of the prisoners.

Faith can be expressed much better and more personal in one’s own language. And so it is also with the Word of God, which spoken in my own language, is directed personally to me, with my background, my story and identity, which is very strongly linked to my language.

Warm Greetings,

Dipl. PAss Florian Baumgartner MA, (Catholic Prison Chaplain in prison Suben)

Encounter with Gods living Word

Because people go through their personal „valley of the shadow of death. “

Because they realise that there exists wrong beyond paragraphs and law.

Because people cry out of a deep need.

There are many reasons why people in prison ask for a Bible.

Behind every wish for a Bible there is a person with his/her personal story and the possibility that out of this wish an encounter with Gods living and life giving Word is made.

I am so thankful that with the help of the Bible Society it is possible to fulfil every person’s wish for a Bible. No matter in what language.

Pfarrer Mag. Jakob Kruse, ev. JA-Seelsorger Eisenstadt (Lutheran Prison Chaplain at Eisenstadt)

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