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New ecumenical bible exhibition

Vienna. The Austrian Bible Society together with the Catholic Bible Federation (CBF) has launched a new exhibition called „Approaches – encounters with the bible“. Based on daily experiences of human beings, the exhibition offers input around topics like „freedom”, „relationships“ and „justice“. Pictures, impulse texts and bible verses stir questions about the bible and invite to link daily-life themes with the Scriptures.


credits: Austrian Bible Society

These are the topics as shown on the 22 roll-ups:

  • To act: freedom, love, orientation
  • To live: fear, loneliness, crisis
  • To be: childhood, youth, elderly
  • God: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit
  • Together: friendship, relationships, family
  • To challenge: conflict and peace, justice, being a stranger

For six years, the Austrian Bible Society (in Austria mainly protestant) and the Austrian Catholic Bible Federation have been developing this exhibition together. However, this is not the first time that the two Bible Societies have cooperated – there have been common exhibitions since 1968!

“This Bible exhibition is different than all its predecessors”, says Dr. Jutta Henner, General Secretary of the Austrian Bible Society. It starts with the day-to-day-life, experiences, questions  and concerns of ordinary people. These experiences are confronted with the message of the Bible, Scripture quotation and questions to reflect upon lead people in a personal encounter with the Bible. In the past, a Bible exhibition has put a lot of books on display. Now, we connect people’s lives with the Word of God.”

„Congratulations to the well-made and appealing exhibition! Most of all, I like the „freedom“ roll-up“, said catholic auxiliary bishop Dr. Anton Leichtfried, who is responsible for bible-related issues in the Austrian Catholic Bishops Conference. “The bible is a book filled with stories about freedom.”


The booklet can be used for confirmation groups, adult education as well as religious education. credits: Austrian Bible Society

The exhibition can now tour through Austria, being shown in parishes, schools and communities. Also, a booklet has been made that includes all the relevant topics and that can be used separate from the exhibition. This booklet is meant for confirmation groups, Bible study groups, adult education as well as for religious education. A Youth pastor attending the opening ceremony, said: “This is just what we need to invite people to interact with the word of God.” A Catholic deacon said: “Congratulations. This is wonderful!”

The exhibition was presented beginning of March 2017 in Vienna. Photographs taken at the presentation can be found on our facebook-page.

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