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Please pray with us!

May 9 is the United Bible Societys Day of Prayer.

We ask for your prayer!

NEW: Prayer Booklet 2017 presents reasons to pray for more than a hundred countries where there is a Bible Society. 

Helping Iraqi Christian refugees who can't leave Iraq

In this video interview, Dr Mike Bassous, who oversees Bible Society work in Lebanon and Iraq, discusses the difficult situation of Iraqi Christian refugees. Many of them, who are now sheltering in Iraqi Kurdistan after being forced from their homes by ISIS, will never be able to leave Iraq to seek better lives elsewhere.

Video: Bible Societies serve the Church globally

Bible Societies work in more than 200 countries and territories to make the Bible available to everyone. Bible Societies partner with churches of all denominations, equipping and enabling them to release God's Word into the lives of people from all walks of life, facing diverse situations. This movie gives a glimpse of how Bible Societies serve the global Church.

1000th language added to the Digital Bible Library

The largest Scripture database in the world offers now 422 full Bibles and 800 New Testaments to hundreds of millions.

Record number of Bibles distributed by Bible Societies in 2014

2014 saw the highest number of printed Bibles ever distributed by Bible Societies around the world. Nearly 34 million full Bibles were distributed, a rise of 6% over 2013’s figures.The figures are taken from the United Bible Societies’ Scripture Distribution Report, produced annually, which compiles Scripture distribution figures reported by Bible Societies.

International Literacy Day 8th of September

We want to remember the International Literacy Day on the 8th of September.

Worldwide there are 781 million illiterate adults. Millions of children lack access to education because of disadvantages such as poverty, gender, location and ethnicity. For a long time, the Bible Society has put a focus on teaching people to read and write.

Scripture distribution in Egypt

The distribution of 1.65 million Scripture leaflets designed to bring comfort to a nation in mourning is well under way across Egypt, following the murder of 21 young Egyptian Christians by ISIS in Libya three weeks ago.

1000th language added to the Digital Bible Library

The largest Scripture database in the world offers now 422 full Bibles and 800 New Testaments to hundreds of millions.

Amazon Hope

The "Amazon Hope Boat" brings medical and spiritual help to the villages along the Amazon river.

Mary Jones World visitor centre

Learn how one girl’s journey transformed lives of millions!

Two Rows by the Sea

Egypt is mourning the death of 21 Egyptian Christians who were murdered in Libya. In this time of grieving the Bible Society wants to bring the message of the Bible to the people.

Jordan: Refugees from Iraq and Syria need our help!

Iraqi Christians had to flee from Mosul last August. They were forced to leave their homes because they did not want to convert to Islam. They first went to Erbil and later arrived in Jordan. Leaving everything behind, they do not know what the future holds for their children.

Scripture for the blind people in Armenia

In Ashtarak a member of the Bible Society in Armenia Arshavir visited an old factory that had once provided work for hundreds of blind people. Now only two blind women work in a room of the old factory.

What does a Whale do on the shore of Great Britain!

Having been banned by the Royal Parks in London for being too religious, Bible Society’s 50ft inflatable sperm whale was finally beached, for three days, last week, at Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset. The event saw hundreds of parents and children from across the country queuing to hear the dramatic retelling of the story of Jonah.

Austrian Bible Society

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