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The Austrian Bible Society and the “United Bible Societies” – a global network

The Austrian Bible Society is not alone in its mission: Since the Foundation of the United Bible Societies  in 1946 the Austrian Bible Society has found its place in the global fellowship of the Bible Societies.

Today, there is a national Bible Society in 144 countries; the Bible Societies work in 200 countries and are world wide the biggest Bible agency with most translation projects.

The famous printing-press in Nanjing in China, where more than 45 million Bibles for China have been printed since 1987 is one example for the work of the Bible Societies; literacy programmes in countries like Bangladesh, Scripture based materials focusing on HIV-Aids-infected people and their relatives in twelve African countries are other examples. In its latest documents the United Bible Societies stressed the importance of a good relationship with all Christian churches and groups, of focusing on migrants and their special Scripture needs and to help young people to understand Gods word.

The Austrian Bible Society is especially linked with its German speaking neighbouring Bible Societies, but also with the neighbouring countries that once belonged to the Austrian Empire. Together with 58 other Bible Societies the Austrian Bible Society is organised in the “United Bible Societies Europe Middle East Area” with Bible Societies from Portugal to Uzbekistan, from Iceland to Israel.

Austrian Bible Society

Breite Gasse 4-8/1, 1070 Vienna, Austria,

Phone: 01/ 523 82 40, Fax: dd 20

Bible Centre Opening Hours: Monday-Fiday 9.30 am until 4 pm
(Groups can also make an appointment at another time)

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