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Two Rows by the Sea

Egypt is mourning the death of 21 Egyptian Christians who were murdered in Libya. In this time of grieving the Bible Society wants to bring the message of the Bible to the people.

In Libya 21 coptic Christians from Egypt were brutally murdered by the IS. The 21 Egyptians were guest-workers in Libya. They were on their way home to Egypt when their bus was stopped and they were kidnapped.

In the beginning of this week a video was published. In the video the IS has a message of threat directed to Christians. Then it shows how the 21 men are beheaded.

Ramez Atallah, General Director of the Bible Society in Egypt said to his team when he heard of this terrible news: “We must have a scripture tract ready to distribute to the nation as soon as possible!” The Bible Society of Egypt wanted to publish a booklet with Bible texts that would provide comfort to the grieving.

Only a couple days later, they published a booklet "Two Rows by the Sea" in Arabic and English. More than a million copies will be distributed in Egypt.

Here is the poem from the back of the booklet in English:

Two rows of men walked the shore of the sea,

On a day when the world’s tears would run free,

One a row of assassins, who thought they did right,

The other of innocents, true sons of the light,

One holding knives in hands held high,

The other with hands empty, defenseless and tied,

One row of slits to conceal glaring-dead eyes,

The other with living eyes raised to the skies,

One row stood steady, pall-bearers of death,

The other knelt ready, welcoming heaven’s breath,

One row spewed wretched, contemptible threats,

The other spread God-given peace and rest.

A Question...

Who fears the other?

The row in orange, watching paradise open?

Or the row in black, with minds evil and broken?

In the booklet there are Bibleverses that answer four questions:


1 Peter 4: 12-14;John 16: 2-4


Acts 7: 54-60


Romans 8: 35-39


Matthew 10: 28,32,33

Please pray for the families of the 21 Egyptian young men and please pray that during this period of sorrow God will use this booklet to comfort and challenge hundreds of thousands of people.

If you want to support this project in Egypt please go here!

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