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The Bible is changing lives all over the world!

We invite people all over Austria, through various projects, to engage with the Word of God in a meaningful way.

The Austrian Bible Society partners with Bible Societies worldwide through the network of the United Bible Societies to support Bible translation and distribution in other parts of the world.

Learn more about the Bible, its history and its message and how you can read this book! Read how the Bible touches the hearts of people through our projects in Austria and abroad. Get ideas how you can support these Bible projects!
We appreciate your comments and feedback on this website!


"Now we read God's Word in freedom"

First-hand news from the ministry to refugees and prisoners show that they are eager to study God's word. 

New ecumenical bible exhibition

Vienna. The Austrian Bible Society together with the Catholic Bible Federation (CBF) has launched a new exhibition called „Approaches – encounters with the bible“. Based on daily experiences of human beings, the exhibition offers input around topics like „freedom”, „relationships“ and „justice“. Pictures, impulse texts and bible verses stir questions about the bible and invite to link daily-life themes with the Scriptures.

We ask for your prayer!

NEW: Prayer Booklet 2017 presents reasons to pray for more than a hundred countries where there is a Bible Society. 

Bibles and blessings for refugees

"For the first time in their lives, they can read the Good News of Jesus Christ without fear of persecution."

In the last six weeks alone, the Austrian Bible Society has made available more than 500 Bibles in Farsi to churches ministering to refugees from Iran. It is receiving reports from churches across the country of refugees showing growing interest in God’s Word, and some seeking baptism.

We'd like to share one message from Styria with you.

Video: Bible Societies serve the Church globally

Bible Societies work in more than 200 countries and territories to make the Bible available to everyone. Bible Societies partner with churches of all denominations, equipping and enabling them to release God's Word into the lives of people from all walks of life, facing diverse situations. This movie gives a glimpse of how Bible Societies serve the global Church.

1000th language added to the Digital Bible Library

The largest Scripture database in the world offers now 422 full Bibles and 800 New Testaments to hundreds of millions.

World Assembly 2016

United Bible Societies (UBS) meet in Philadelphia.

New president for the Austrian Bible Society

The Austrian Bible Society has elected a new president: Rt.Revd. Gerold Lehner

50 new Scripture translations completed

In 2015 Bible Societies assisted in the completion of translations in 50 languages spoken by nearly 160 million people.

2015 was ‘a first’ for no fewer than 28 languages, spoken by nearly 33 million people. 11 communities now have their very first full Bible, 6 have a New Testament and 11 communities have their first, or additional, portions of Scripture.

A big thank you to the Austrian Bible Society

The Austrian Bible Society offers Bibles to migrants and asylum seekers in their mother tongue. The protestant church in Leibnitz (Styria, Austria) has received 15 Bibles from the Bible Society and says a big thank you.

Orthodox Church welcomes Bible published by Austrian Bible Society

The Orthodox Church has warmly welcomed a Bible published and distributed by the Austrian Bible Society. Intended for use in Orthodox religious education in schools, the new Bible is the first of its kind in any German-speaking country.

Times newspaper article on our Bible Society's ministry to refugees

Long before the current crisis, we have been running an active ministry to refugees. It’s great to see that this work has been reported in an article in The Times newspaper.

Austrian Bible Society

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