We use your general donation where it is needed in our Bible projects in Austria.

In this way, you give us the opportunity to open up the Bible to people in Austria and thus provide them with access to the Christian faith.

Geflüchtete Familie zeigt ihr zerstörtes Haus in Aleppo.

Give refugees a Bible

Refugees are looking for support in the most difficult circumstances. The Bible can be an anchor for them.

With your donation, you make it possible for people who want to make a new start in Austria to receive the biblical message of hope, community and acceptance.

Thank you for supporting refugees!


Bibles for prisoners

In order to support the pastoral care in prisons, to give comfort to the inmates and to enable them to deeply engage with their faith, the Austrian Bible Society provides free Bible editions in the different languages that are also spoken behind bars.

Please support this important cause and give a Bible to a prisoner with your donation. Thank you very much!

Die Bibelgesellschaft im Libanon unterstützt Christen.

Help for the Bible Society in Lebanon

The Bible Society in Lebanon supports the many refugees in the country with aid packages and literacy courses on a biblical basis.

With your help, you give refugees spiritual nourishment through biblical scriptures and thus hope, comfort and courage!

Chinesischer Christ mit Bibel

Bibles for China

Many Chinese Christians live below the poverty line. They cannot afford their own Bible. With your donation you give them their own Bible!

25€ will effect the production of 25 Bibles for our brothers and sisters in China.