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The Bible for Prisoners in Austria

A prisoner describes what the Bible means to him.

We as Austrian Bible Society give Bibles to prison inmates in their mother tongue. How encouraging it is to hear that the Word of God comforts them! We received the following letter from a prisoner (aged 44) who is detained in Vienna:

„As a prison inmate during pre-trial detention you are asking yourself why life is the way it is. Conversations and regular church services help me a lot to experience that I am still a human being and not a number.

The Bible has been very important to me from the beginning. I started with the first book of Moses until it started to confuse me. Although I had time, things were incomprehensible.

Then, the pastor told me to read the Psalms and one gospel at a time. That was a good first step into the bible and to learn about Jesus as a person. His life and his courageous steps and words make sense to me now.

I still don’t know the reason why I am here. But I know one fundamental thing: I can rely on God, always and anytime. He gives me strength to endure everything, even the injustice I feel sometimes.

At first I considered my life as messed up and I wanted revenge. But now I am calm. I regularly pray the Psalms 23, 121 and 139. Sometimes God shows me – like a lightening, through a hint or a word in the bible – that I can have hope for the future.

Because “even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me.“


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